[RELEASE] Early Learning Coalition of North Florida Organizes Air and Wind Science Program




Early Learning Coalition of North Florida Organizes Air and Wind Science Program

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla., May 20, 2022 – The Early Learning Coalition of North Florida (ELC) has been focusing on science and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programs this past spring. The ELC outreach staff launched a new science themed program specifically about air and wind.

Preschoolers became scientists and studied the science behind what air is and what makes wind. The outreach team dressed in lab coats and goggles and put on an interactive program featuring many science experiments that help explain these concepts. 

Kids were enthralled with the “keeping the ping pong ball in the air with a blow dryer” and “putting the paper towel into the water without it getting wet” experiments according to the outreach team. Balloons were used to demonstrate air; the popping of a confetti balloon was a big hit. Children waved scarves like sailboats to music and blew their own pinwheels. The students also learned about tornados and then made their own tornado in a bottle to take home. 

Each child received a book called “Wind” by Erin Edison and the teachers received a large bag of science resources to further teach this theme in the classroom. In March, the ELC also held a science project contest in which preschool classrooms sent in photos of science projects they did in their classrooms. Prizes were given to the top three projects. The winner was Island Prep West of St. Augustine’s Pre-K classroom, featuring their “Bees” project. 

“Focusing on STEAM promotes problem solving and thinking skills,” says Joan Whitson, ELC Outreach Manager. “Getting kids excited about science at an early age leads to a greater interest in later years.” 

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