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ELC North Florida’s Annual Teacher Conference for Providers

Early Learning Coalition Educator Conference

Early Educators Conference 2024

Every year, the Early Learning Coalition of North Florida hosts a teacher conference to provide support to providers in the area.

When: February 3, 2024. 9 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

Where: Thrasher Horne Conference Center

What: Keynote Speakers in the morning with assorted breakout sessions in the afternoon.

Dr. Teri LaDucca, Early Impact Education –

Patty Shukla, Patty’s Primary Songs –


1:00-2:00 pm - Breakout Session: # 1

Workshop #1: Jump, Wiggle and Hop in the Classroom - Patty Shukla (Suite B)

This interactive session will get you moving to new curriculum-based music by international YouTube sensation children’s musician Miss Patty. She will demonstrate specific classroom transition songs, motor skills and literacy skills through music. Review lesson plans by topic and have the opportunity for Q & A.

Workshop #2: From Awkward to Awesome: Masterful Communication Strategies - Dr. Teri DeLucca (Suite A)

Throughout this session, we will examine effective strategies for strengthening our relationships through good communication skills. We will talk about strategies for dealing with coworkers & families and how to best deal with disagreements when they arise. All of life’s successes and failures usually come from our interactions with others, so we will work on how we can get it right so you can grow your influence.

Workshop #3: Learning Through Play: Fine and Gross Motor Skills in Toddlers - Sherry Tindall, Katrina Willis, and Brianna DeOsca (Suite C)

Motor development is a constant learning process. A child’s body is continuously growing and changing, and their environment offers different opportunities for movement. In this session, we will be playing and learning about the differences between fine and gross motor skills in toddlers. We will break down the developmental stages of fine and gross motor skills, connecting them to the state standards and CLASS, and what can be done to encourage the furthering develop those skills. 


Workshop #4: But Play Is My JOB! Facilitating Exploration & Language in Infant Settings - Alexis Williams, Jazmine Jackson, Krystol Berry, Tatum Goad and Alisha Dexter. (Suite E)

During this training, we will discuss how to provide intentional and meaningful support through facilitation. We will also provide educators with the opportunity to practice facilitating experiences for infants through active involvement and interactions during play and routine care.

Workshop #5: The Hunt for Concept Development in Pre-K Classrooms – Susan Murphy, Kelly Warner and Santanna Walker. (Suite D)

Taking a journey through the CLASS domain of concept development as we unpack its dimensions, indicators, and behavioral markers through a lesson plan inspired by a children’s favorite book, Pete the Cat Goes Camping.

Workshop #6: It Starts with the Ringleader: Managing Behaviors in Your Circus - Rebecca Huth, Jhordan Speed-Johnson, Illeana Mattei (Studio Theatre)

Participants will learn and examine the foundations of inclusive routines for early childhood learning environments and analyze functions of behaviors and strategies.

2:00-2:15 pm – Break

2:15-3:15 pm – Breakout Sessions #2 (Same sessions as above except for one addition. This replaces Workshop 1.)

Arts, Crafts and CLASS: Facilitating Art Through the CLASS Lens - Ariel Jones and Alisha Rotelli (Suite A)

Arts, Crafts and CLASS: Facilitating Art Through the CLASS Lens is a session that will highlight the cross-section of emotional support and instructional learning while children participate in art. We will discover the role child perspectives play in classroom art and how feedback loops and language modeling are essential to crafts being a success. Join us for this interactive session on how to facilitate learning with infants, toddlers, and preschooler through art.



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Every year, the Early Learning Coalition of North Florida hosts a teacher conference to provide support to providers in the area.

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