ELC Recognizes Sugar N’ Spice Preschool for Amazing Work

ELC would like to recognize Sugar N’ Spice Preschool for all the amazing things they are doing for students right now.


❤️ They have created distance learning packets for toddler – VPK students and update them with new materials every two weeks.


💙 They are working with parents, teachers and administrators to help their elementary/school-aged students with their distance learning by creating a “computer lab” and a schedule so that each student gets to visit the “lab” twice a day as well as use the computer center during free time.


💛 To help parents and students with this new learning adventure, they have also created school-aged packets for kindergarten to 6th grade students with supplemental learning materials, all while still giving them opportunities for brain breaks that include; art, science, outside time and cooking projects.

❤️ They are servicing 80- 100 students of “essential” workers while following our state and local officials guidance concerning group size, morning health/fever checks, escorting students to and from their classrooms and frequent sanitizing of classrooms and common areas.


Angie from Sugar N’ Spice says “It is my hope that we can be a service and show God’s Love to our families and community whether or not their students are here at school or at home. In the end we are all doing our best.”

Thank you for caring for our community because you, like many of the parents you serve are “essential”!

#Covid19UnsungHeroes #ELCsTakeAction

Sponsorship by the Early Learning Coalition of North Florida and the state of Florida, Division of Early Learning.

Early Learning Coalition of North Florida