Meet The Masters

Art education pays tremendous benefits for young student

ELC literacy outreach volunteers proudly displaying the artwork the children created during the Meet the Masters Arts Program at Presbyterian Day School in St. Augustine.

Meet The Masters is our creative program to introduce art to preschool age children. It features multimedia presentations and hands on experiences to teach young children about the lives and techniques of the world’s great artists such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and many more!

The program begins with the children dancing and waving scarves to the music of Beethoven and Offenbach. After, the character of George Seurat, the famous artist who used the technique of pointillism, visits the class and teaches the students about his life. Seurat then reads them the book titled “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds.

After storytime the classroom is transformed into an art studio for painting and sculpting. Children get creative and make their own dot paintings imitating Seurat’s pointillism as well as sunflower paintings like Van Gough. Then they get to use clay, “Play-doh” to design sculptures like the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Our Meet The Masters Program helps children learn:

  • Textures
  • Colors
  • Art Vocabulary
  • Art History
  • Appreciate For Art
  • and much more!

Sponsorship by the Early Learning Coalition of North Florida and the state of Florida, Office of Early Learning.

Early Learning Coalition of North Florida