School Readiness Programs

Provide School Readiness Programs for IncomeEligible Families

School Readiness programs are designed to increase children’s chances of achieving future educational success. Working families who meet certain income requirements are able to enroll their children. Parents pay a co-payment based on a sliding fee scale and developmental screenings are conducted at least semi-annually to chart the individual progress.

Other children who qualify are at-risk of abuse or neglect, at risk of future school failure or are considered economically disadvantaged based on federal poverty guidelines. Parents pay a co-payment based on a sliding fee scale.

This child care system enables parents to work and earn money to support their families, a critical component of economic stability and growth. School readiness programs meet minimum quality standards including developmentally appropriate practices and curriculum instruction and health and safety requirements.

To apply for School Readiness Services please visit

Sponsorship by the Early Learning Coalition of North Florida and the state of Florida, Division of Early Learning.

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