RFP for School Readiness & VPK

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Request for Proposal #ELCNF-22/23-001 for School Readiness & VPK 

Award: RFP 2021 Award Notice

Packet for RFP Committee Meeting November 2: RFP 110221 Committee Meeting Packet

Packet for RFP Committee Meeting: RFP 0921 Committee Meeting Packet

Announcement Notice: Request for Proposal #ELCNF-22/23-001

RFP Final Document: RFP-ELCNF-22-23-001-FINAL-071321.pdf

RFP Question & Answer Document: Questions and Answers

“Draft” Primary Services Contract Agreement: Appendix-A-DRAFT-PSP-Contract-062921

Budget Worksheets: Appendix E – Form A – Budget Worksheets

Staffing Detail: Appendix-E-Form-B-Staffing-Detail

School Readiness Plan with Amendments: 2019-21-SR-Plan-wAmend29-OEL-app-021121

Records Confidentiality: RecordsConfidentiality_2019-20

IT Security Manual: IT Security Manual

CCRR Program Requirements: CCRRProgramReqirements_2020-21

IT Policies: IT-Pol-Proc-rev-BA-031120

Grant Agreement: North-FL-EL432-2122-Grant-Agreement


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