Proposed School Readiness Plan

2015-2016 Proposed School Readiness Plan Documents

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2015-2016 School Readiness Plan ELC North Florida (PDF)

ELC Organizational Chart July 2014 (DOC)

ELC Articles of Incorporation Amendment Log (DOC)

ELC Bylaws Revised (PDF)

ELC Procurement of Commodities/Contractual Services Polices and Procedures Manual 2014 (DOC)

ELC Purchasing and Prior Approval Under ECS/Coalition Contracts (DOC)

ELC Capitalized Assets and Inventory Requirements (DOC)

ELC Tangible Personal Property and Inventory (RTF)

ELC Record Retention Requirements and Maintenance (DOC)

ELC Record Storage (DOC)

ELC Information Technology Systems and Security Policies and Procedures (DOC)

ELC- Information Technology Policy (DOC)

ELC Accounting and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual (DOC)

ELC Single Point of Entry Policies and Procedures (DOC)

ELC School Readiness Waitlist Procedures (DOC)

ELC Combined Eligibility Policies (DOC)

ELC Parental Access Policy (DOC)

ELC Sliding Fee Scale for Parent Co-Payment Form (XLS)

ELC Parent Fees Policy (DOC)

ELC Use of Pre and Post Assessments (DOC)

ELC Baker County Rates (PDF)

ELC Bradford County Rates (PDF)

ELC Clay County Rates (PDF)

ELC Nassau County Rates (PDF)

ELC Putnam County Rates (PDF)

ELC St. Johns County Rates (PDF)

ELC Setting Provider Payment Rates (DOC)

ELC-ECS Monitoring Plan Narrative (DOC)

ELC Monitoring Schedule (DOC)

ELC School Readiness Provider Monitoring (PDF)

ELC Grievance Policy Coalitions and ECS (DOC)

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